Experts: Recruitment has gone beyond just posting a job app
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Experts: Recruitment has gone beyond just posting a job app


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Experts: Recruitment has gone beyond just posting a job app

Dive Brief:

  • Simple job listings are no longer the way to go, reports Employee Benefits News. Instead, employers should invest in “data science and employer branding” to attract talent and make strong matches. More simply: use social media to show potential recruits your company's culture.
  • Too many companies simply tweet out links to recruitment sites or job postings, says EBN, when social media accounts should instead involve the company in meaningful conversations with customers and clients to reveal what the company actually values.
  • More recruiters are also taking interest in recruitment-specific apps that integrate social media and the application process. These tools help HR managers moderate content and recruitment processes in one place, reports EBN.

A 2013 Society for Human Resource Management survey on social networking and recruiting reported that 77% of organizations use social media to find talent, up from just 34% in 2008 – a strong jump in just five years. And the numbers are expected to jump even higher, says EBN, perhaps as high as 90% and up.
While some are using social media outlets targeted toward younger workers to drive interest (YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, etc.), recruiters should not discount social media’s ability to drive old-fashioned word of mouth. These organic connections are effective if your social media presence is genuine and customers or clients feel like part of the conversation, EBN reports.
Others are opting for high-tech applications of social media. Starbucks has a Facebook application that allows current employees and potential applicants to choose the position they may want in a certain zip code, reports EBN. The app will then notify users via Facebook if any positions open up based on their specifications. Hiring managers can in turn also contact applicants via Facebook. 
In all, social media, new apps and old-fashioned values can blend into an effective recruitment strategy if HR is careful to take stock of current company culture and project it accurately, says EBN. Also, keep an eye on those up-and-coming apps.